Blog PostOur Memories

I once posted a quote about memories (, it says that: Memories are the best souvenirs.

Sometimes, our memories just flash before our eyes. Sometimes it depends on a specific case, like driving on certain roads, and or remembering a specific conversation with someone and how it was choppy and having to repeat the same again and again, or like having a certain gadget that reminds us of certain people in our life.

Our memories never leaves us, they can never get forgotten! However, they just hide back in our heads waiting for a certain moment to come back. All of our memories hide back in our heads by time. And when they flash back, they give us the feeling of being happy, or missing someone or something, and on certain specific cases, makes us upset and/or angry.

Our past is what makes who we are, the beauty of our memories is that they can be used for the future! Happy memories are suppose to make us happy. Even if it involves some people that left our lives. Yes, we will miss that person or people. However, it just makes us happy!

Missing someone sometimes makes us upset, and even in certain cases angry, but we have to understand is that when people leave our lives, they never meant to hurt us. And if they meant to hurt us by leaving! Its good that they left, God knows how much more they could hurt us if they stayed in our lives.

If we feel we were left to be hurt, sometimes it leads that we want to revenge and make them pay back! Well, I tell you this, Happiness is the best revenge! Just smile, be happy and continue your life like they never existed. If they ever loved you, they will pray for you to be even happier. If they didn't, they will envy you and makes them very upset to see you happy.

But we have to remember, sometimes people just leave our lives when they feel they have no other option. Sometimes they just panic, and leave. Sometimes they leave our lives because of fear. Sometimes they leave because they think they are hurting us staying longer.

I usually try to find excuses for people, I hate blaming people around me. Specially people that I love. That's why I relay on my notes, I just fire up the notepad, and start writing my feelings, specially if they are blaming feelings, because somethings are better left unsaid. After I'm done writing! I just delete all! It makes me feel better, and I just let go!

Sad memories are always good! They remind us that we are still alive! But they are't suppose to affect the future. And aren't suppose to make us sad either. They are meant to make us understand why we were sad at that certain time, and try to avoid doing the same mistake again, if there was a mistake or something to be avoided.

On a side note, I was once told, that I love my stuff so much, but I can let go easily. Well, thats not true! I can't let go easily, I can't sleep for nights and keep on thinking for days. Its just that I never show it.