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Few Weeks ago, Audi Center Bahrain called me to test drive the New Audi Q5. I had the Q5 since yesterday afternoon, and I will return it back tomorrow (Saturday).

Since I have got the Audi Q5 and I am extermely happy about it. I liked almost every feature in this car. So, I thought of Blogging my review about the Q5.

The car I got is a fully loaded Q5 3.2 V6, with 20" Rims and Panorama Roof!

Yesterday was a rainy day and today is a sunny day, so it was a perfect combination for the test drive.


This car is handsome, well, even pretty!


The Q5 interior is so beautiful, it's a very pleasant place to be. Everything is almost perfectly engineered.

Navigation and Multimedia System

When it comes to the Navigation and Multimedia System, I am speechless! A Wonderful 3D Navigation System with a control dial that is similar some-how to the BMW IDrive. All of the options and navigation are animated, and yet, very responsive.

Performance and Handling

I never saw a V6 SUV that have this much of power, but yet, controlable! Its a high performance SUV with a good wonderful handling capability. The car somes with 7 Speed Dual-Clutch gearbox that shifts up extermely fast! The acceleration of this car is excellent for a 6 Cylinders SUV.

The handling of this car is awesome, I have never seen any SUV like this car before. It drives and handles like a sports car yet with comfort!


I really can't find the right words to talk about its braking capability! When I hit the brakes, the car stops in almost no time, and I feel that my body is staying but my flush wants to go out!

List of features that I liked

  • Navigation and Multimedia System
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Reverse Camera
  • Comfort Suspension
  • Ability to change driving mode between (Auto, Comfort and Dynamic)
  • The large Side mirrors
  • Keyless entry and keyless start.
  • Fuel Consumption -- Well this car fuel consumption is excellent!


I liked almost every feature of this car, however, the gearbox shifts too soon in both Auto and Comfort Driving modes! In Dynamic mode, the gearbox shifts in a perfect time for me and the car feels more responsive in this mode.


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