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Could friendship and Love coexist? This question that I have heard many many times. Today, I decided to write about this topic. Sometime ago, I have written a post to define What is Love?. It may not be the full clear picture, but it should serve the purpose for this post.

Before I start into details about the correlation between Friendship and Love. I shall define what is Friendship?

Friendship is the state of being friends. Its an interpersonal relationship between people. Makes those people so close. People cannot be friends without love anyway! Love is what makes us!

There is a list of values that required as keys to success friendship.

  1. Love - I will talk about this later in types of love.
  2. Trust - Without trust, what is the relationship?
  3. Honesty - Its a key for trust.
  4. Mutual understanding - It is a key for success, however, conflicts could occur, but the  above keys allows to clean the air and things get back to normal.
  5. Respect - Its the key for mutual understanding.
  6. Desire the best for the others
  7. Enjoyment.

A friendship is not a friendship without the above key values.

Friendship is in levels/grades. Some friends, are best friends.

Could Friendship and Love coexist in a relationship? / Could friends love each other?

In one word, yes!

Now, as I said earlier, love is a key to a successful relationship. As I said in my Love definition. Part of love is wanting to spend the rest of the life with this person. In this case, your friend. But this love is non-romantic. Unlike Marriage Love which is romantic, and it may involve sexual relationship.

As for me, I select my friends carefully. I love them so much, no one could imagine my love to them. Though, sometimes we get busy in life, however, our relationship stays intact. I have many differences with my friends, conflicts. Thanks to Love, we never loose each other.

On a side note: If you have someone if your life, who have those key values listed above, be friends.

Good friends are like Stars, you don't always see them, but you know they are always there. And I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.


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