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Every few months, I buy a new gadget.. I rarely write reviews, but I found that writing reliefs me, and gives me the comfy feel. and Since one of my friends always demands reviews for everything I buy. Hence, I am writing this review. Please do keep in mind that whatever I write about this device is solely my own opinion.

I got this device on December 1st, 2011. This gave me enough time to evaluate the device.

Hardware / Design

This devices is equipped with 4.65" HD Super AMOLED Screen, 1 GB RAM, 16GB Storage, 5 MegaPixel Camera, Front facing camera and 1.2Ghz clocked CPU.

I absolutely love the device design, really slim slick and curved. Lightweight, causing it slip from the hand, I dropped it few days ago.

The screen on this device is Wow. I just love this screen, and its size. And the above Tech specs speaks it all.

Galaxy Nexus

Battery Life
Its a new battery, and honestly, I think its awesome... I manage about 7 to 8 hours heavy almost continuous use. On low usage, having few emails running in the background, I managed 1 day out of the phone. Comparing this battery to other devices I owned, including iPhone 4, I find this battery superior to the others. Keeping in mind that I run this device on VIVA Bahrain HSPA+ Network.. This network drains any phone battery, including iPhone 4.. However, this phone manages longer standby periods even on VIVA Network.

Battery Life

Usually Camera's are not that important for me, however, I cannot say its a bad camera, but it could have been done better. I love the speed of its captures, however, sometimes due to speed, it loses focus. So, you gotta touch the screen for focus and capture.

Network Speeds

I have managed to get about 8.7Mbps Downlink and 1.9Mbps up on VIVA network, that was first day I got the phone. Today, I am facing issues with VIVA Network making me unable to go more than 1Mbps on any handset I got. So, probably gonna post a pic when I get my issues fixed.


ICS is what android should have been. Being an iOS user for sometime, I think, ICS has reached to a stage where is can compete with iOS.

It is a complete redesigned OS, it features soft-buttons which already existed in HoneyComb (Tablets OS).  A new Lock screen and a new way of answering calls.

It features resizable widgets and screenshots!

I believe at this stage, ICS is ready to compete with iOS at moment.


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