Blog PostI almost died and I got a second life

Few days ago,  I almost died due to my allergy. But I got a second chance to live in this life. A new life to be thankful.

What happened is that I went to the clinic as usual for my throat infection. The doctor confirmed I had an infection and wrote me an antibiotic. I took the antibiotic and 10 minutes later my whole skin itch. I thought it's my normal allergy to chocolate since I had some, but then my face changed and I couldn't breath. I was taken to Ibn Alnafees Hospital ER, but they immediately transfered me to Salmaniya Hospital and by that time I was hallucinating and blacked out. Then I think I woke up several times because all I remember is just glances of bits and pieces.

Later the doctor told me that my allergy could have killed me. I could have suffocated to death due to my penicillin allergy. Though my skin still got red patches that itch. The doctor said it could last for a week or so until my body clears from the medicine.

Thank god for my second life.


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