Blog PostI migrated my blog to WebFaction

For the past few years, I've been managing my dedicated server and a development VPS and sometimes couple of development cheap VPSes.

A lot of my time was wasted managing those servers than actually developing the applications.

Last year, I purchased webfaction hosting, and I hosted my Bahrain Cinema APIs on it. It was amazing! Lightening fast, with no issues what so ever.

Webfaction is a shared hosting provider but unlike every other shared hosting providers. Webfaction, if I'm gonna make it sound simple, its like having a VPS managed without root access. Since the main purpose is development, this is great for me.

If you are a developer, considering running your own VPS without the fancy cPanel or Plesk and those admin panels, and able to configure using config files and webmin, WebFaction will work for you. WebFaction provides a custom panel for administrating your account, which makes everything simple.

For a year, the service was amazingly fast, and my Bahrain Cinema APIs were extremely reliable. I couldn't be happier, so I decided to move all my websites and all the apps including my blog to WebFaction.

Since I was hosting my websites on a cPanel Dedicated server, I had to do some manual work, like migrating emails, copying the public_html files manually.

This exercise is what I needed to do to get rid of cPanel. Now if I ever want to move back to a dedicated server or a VPS, I can easily move out of WebFaction. Not that I want to at the moment, but only when I start hitting the limits and becomes more expensive than running a dedicated server.

For now, WebFaction is the best option among all Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers. As cheap as shared hosting as powerful as a VPS. I am getting the best bang for the buck!


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