Blog PostKeep your Linux Workstation/Server time accurate using "rdate"

Last night, I was using my Laptop until I drained the battery. Today, I plugged in the power and started using it. I found that the time is missed up!! It got yesterdays date and time of my last use! So I decided to sync my Laptop clock to NTP server to keep my time accurate.

rdate uses NTP to get time from network and set it or print it on the workstation/server.

To use rdate:

$ rdate [options] [ntpserver]

[options]: -s Set the system time to the returned time. -p Print the time returned by the remote machine.

The next step was to find an NTP server. So I found a good list in NIST Internet Time service.

So, I run the command:

$ rdate -s

And my clock is synchronised.


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