Blog PostMac OSX -- On HP Pavilion dv5-1235ee

I have been using Linux and FreeBSD for really long time on my desktops and servers, however, I have never used Mac OS X as my desktop. So, last night, I initiated the project of installing Mac OSX Leopard on my HP Laptop. Last night, I tried installing iDeneb v1.4 image on my laptop.
First, The CD booted successfully, and it installed successfully, but I couldn't boot the laptop after the install. It just kept on restarting. (Hmm, I don't read manuals or instructions, so I missed that I have to use the Voodoo Kernel or use the AMD Patch).
However, after few installs, I got it booting, however, I never got to the GUI. After searching and reading here and there, I found out that the ATI driver was causing this issue. So, I reinstalled with a bit of a clean install, not much patches, only AMD patches stuff.
And I was happy to have Mac OSX booting on my laptop.

Summary of the install:

  • Voodoo Kernel

  • Seat-belt patch for DMG Images causing AMD to crash

Hardware Status:

  • USB Works
  • Web Cam Works
  • ATI Video Card: Doesn't work
  • Sound Card: Doesn't work, I need to install the driver
  • WiFi: Doesn't work, I need to install the driver
  • Ethernet: works!!


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