Blog PostMBA Class - Leadership vs Management

In my MBA class, we are taking a course about leadership. I always thought that leaders are born with this talent. I still do, however, the professor and the article says otherwise, leadership can be taught to people. I can't really figure this out, leadership is about coping with changes, motivating people and being able to guide and go over obstacles. Even if I agree that it can be taught from experience, yet, talent is different. Management can be taught, its about planing and it comes with experience.

The outcome of todays class is:

  • There are some characteristics that identify a leader.
  • Leadership can be taught, yet, I believe its a talent.
  • Leadership is not management, leadership is inspiration and motivation, people follow leaders.
  • Leaders have their ups and downs, there is a gray area, and it depends on how you see it.

It was a great discussion.


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