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On Saturday 18th of April, I have decided to buy the R32. So, I went for a test drive and I immediately fell in love with it. So, I traded my BMW with the R32. On Wednesday 22nd of April, I got the car. In 6 days I drove about 800 KM. So, here is a quick review about the car.

The R32 has a V6 Engine with a displacement of 3.2L. The Engine has a 250 HP @ 6300 RPM and output torque of 236 lb/ft @ 2500 RPM.


This car looks so pretty! Especially with the centered dual exhaust.


The R32 interior is so beautiful, it’s a very pleasant place to be. Everything is almost perfectly engineered. It's very spacy, although the one I bought is 2 doors, but yet, it very spacy!

Navigation and Multimedia System

When it comes to the Navigation and Multimedia System, I am speechless! A Wonderful 3D Navigation System with a touch screen. All of the options and navigation are animated, and yet, very responsive. Also, the car comes with an internal hard drive of 30GB (as per the spec sheet I have, however, they told me that the NAV has been copied to its internal drive, thats why I have only 18GB free space.) to copy your MP3s to the car and get rid of the CDs.

Performance and Handling

I love its performance, I love the way it launch and the it handles. This car is driven by All wheels all the time! I have seen videos on Youtube showing that this car is able to do 0-60MPH in 5.8 Seconds! Thats about 0-100KM/h in 6 seconds flat!

The handling of this car is awesome, its a sports car with the comfort feel! Very hard to find.

List of features that I liked

  • Exhaust sound!
  • Navigation and Multimedia System
  • Comfort Suspension yet sporty suspension
  • DSG Gearbox, it always shifts in the right time! Well Done VW.
  • Fuel Consumption — Well this car fuel consumption is excellent!


I liked almost every feature in this car, I think I have made the right choice trading my BMW with this R32. I know, for the same price I could have got something with more power and sportier, but honestly, after test driving many cars on the same Saturday. I have made my choice with the R32.


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