Blog PostPeople walk in and out of our lives

Almost everyday, we meet new people, it doesn't matter how we meet, we could meet in the elevator, or while stuck in the traffic. We don't have to talk, all it requires is you take a look at that person, and suddenly a memory created, and probably a first look impression.

Sometimes while driving, I take a look around me, and I see a woman crying or a furious person yelling at the phone. That person made a change in our life.

This change could be anything, like if we were upset and seen that person yelling at the phone and how he or she looked like, it gives us a look out of the box, and it changes the way we behave afterwards.

Sometimes, it goes a step further and we talk, and if we do, it may take a new direction. That person no longer someone we just saw. This person becomes part of our lives. And sometimes, this person may become very close to us. That’s how people walk in our lives.

Then, for some reason, we breakup with a close person, or this person is just gone for any reason. A person we are so used to have around us. Someone we loved and cared for. When that person walks out, does it mean really out?

Personally, I think No! People can never leave our life, even if they are dead! Memories (Read Our memories post) are like strings keeping us attached. Love is another string that keeps us attached. No matter what, those strings exist.

The thing is you never really stop loving someone, you just learn to live without that person.

Yesterday, I was watching The Incredible Hulk. When Bruce goes for so long, that Betty had to move on. But when she saw him again, all the feelings came back again, she never stopped caring, she just learned to live without him. I know its just a movie, but this part is true and applies to life.

Another thing is, you can never hate a person you loved once. You may get mad, upset, but never hate.

When people decide to leave our lives, they believe they have reasons that made them leave, their reasons may not be valid for us, however, we have to learn how to forgive. And always remember this Quote about Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is the perfume a flower leaves on the shoe that crushed it.


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