Blog PostPrayers for Mohammed Albanna

Few days ago, Mohammed Albanna had a bike accident. Today, I went to see him, hearing that he have become better. I heard good news from his mom saying that all surgical operations were done, no more required, and he is recovering.  I went inside to see him in the ICU, and when I saw him, I had this indescribable feeling. I can't see my friend hurt. Old memories flashed before my eyes.

We hold a very old friendship, goes back to 1994. Though, our families are related, we first met in Bahrain Science Center.

We studied there, had fun, and enjoyed time. Yes, I still remember those memories last they were yesterday. I remember when we were learning Visual Basic, and you designed the Game Interface for me using Bordered Frames. We were kids back then! I still remember when we used to sit in the Computer room formatting Ali's Computer.. I wish you Remember?! It was Compaq, looked like Apple Machines back then.

And years later we got busy with our lives, and then we meet again in Bahrain World Trade Center. I still remember our chats, I still remember when you said that you wanted to get a BMW 335 Coupe. I still remember when you bought one.

Now I miss seeing your car in the car park, I miss seeing you in the elevator in the morning. You go to floor 14 and I go to 15.

I pray for you my friend, and hope that when you get better, you read this blog post and remember our child hood.


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