Blog PostSome of my wedding party pictures

I have uploaded some of the pictures of my friends who attended my wedding party.

Thanks to all my friends.

Here we go: (All Names are listed from left to right)

My Father, My brother Mohammed, Myself

My Father, My Brother Mohammed, and Myself

My Brother, is one of a million, you can't really find a brother like him. He loves martial arts, he practices a lot. And I like it when he tests his arts on his friends, and knock them out!! ;)

My father, Myself, Yousif Alamm

My Father, Myself, and Yousif Alamm

Yousif is one of my best friends, he is a real engineer!! I like your engineering thinking ;)

Hassan Hussain, Myself Hassan Hussain, and Myself

Hassan is one of my best friends, I learned how to do car power slide from him, I call him DK (Drifting King).

Father, Myself, Mohammed Shabib, and My uncle Salman

My father, Myself, Mohammed Shabib, and My uncle Salman

Mohammed Shabib, is one of my best friends. He is what I call a business man.. Well, he tries to make money by selling you anything available on earth.

My Father, Mohammed Khalil and Myself

My Father, Mohammed Khalil, and Myself

Mohammed is cooool!! He is one of the best friends list too, I have never seen someone with so much passion and love to his car like he does.. I do like your GMC Sierra ;) Magna flow rocks!!

Jaffer Makki, Hassan Nashaba, Myself, Jaffer, Hassan Hussain, Hussain Dakhil

Jaffer Makki, Hassan AlNashaba, Myself, Jaffer Alamm, Hassan Hussain, Hussain Dakhil

This group are my friends (there are missing friends who couldn't make it to my party), but those people are real friends.

Jaffer Makki: Lumina SS -- I still remember the old days ;)

Hassan Nashaba: BMW X5 -- This guy is one of a million, he loves BMW, and he would die helping his friends -- Thanks for everything bro ;)

Jaffer Alamm: He is Yousif Alamm uncle, this guy is wonderful.. Lets go to Dubai once more bro ;)

Hassan Hussain: DK (Drifting King)

Hussain Aldakhil: He is one of my best friends, we have lots of fun driving and street racing cars ;)


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