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‏​وقع طائر في حب ورده بيضاء وقرر ان يصارحها ولكنها رفضت وقالت انها لا تحبه فظل يصارحها بشكل يومي حتى قالت له الورده البيضاء عندما يصبح لوني احمر سوف احبك ففي أحد الايام اتي الطائر وقطع جناحيه ونشر دمائه علي الورده البيضاء حتي اصبح لونها احمر وحينها ادركت الورده كم احبها الطائر ولكن الوقت قد فات لأن الطائر قد مات لذلك عليك احترام مشاعر الشخص الذي يحبك قبل أن يموت لإجلك


A bird fell in love with a white rose, and he decided to tell her how he felt, but she rejected him. He insisted and kept on telling her how he felt everyday, until the white rose told him that she will only love him if her color becomes red. So one day he comes and cuts his wings and spilled his blood over her and her color became red. At that time she knew how much the bird loved her, but it was too late since the bird has died.

Moral of the story: You have to respect feelings of the people who loves you before they die for you.


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