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When I was a kid, I was a very naughty kid. Years ago, I remember when I was using my dad and grandpa toolboxes to disassemble stuff. Starting from my toys to Electrical stuff. I almost died several times from Electricity. I was always afraid of the dark, so I had a sleeping light. I remember Dad used to change the bulb when it wasn't working and it works. I was probably 4 or 5 years old that time. One day Dad was at work and I was with Grandma and the light wasn't working, Instead of waiting for Dad, I wanted to change the bulb, so I replace it with a Torch bulb, and switched it on. It melted the socket. Old beautiful memories that made me learn a lot and made me who I am now! Anyway, years later, I saw a movie called The Time Machine. A mechanic who builds a time machine and sees the future and comes back to his time. A Beautiful movie. It made the idea sticks in my mind for years. Every now and then I read about time travel. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine to go back and change my mistakes.

I have come to my own theory of time travel. That you cannot go back in time. And even if you could, you'd still do what you have done. We take decisions based on our knowledge and circumstances. Going back in time wont take the existing knowledge back with you.

Also, I believe that forward time travel is possible. However, going forward in time does not mean you live your life and you find yourself in the future as in the movies. When we time travel to the future, we don't change or impact life during that period of time we travel through. I believe that Sleeping is a way of time travel. During our sleep we lose the sense of time. Thus we actually time travel to the future. Happiness is another way of time travel though its a short period of time travel.

Medically induced comas are possible. This is a possible way of time travel until you get waken up again.

On a side note, It doesn't matter if my theory is right or wrong. I'm just sharing my beliefs and thinking with the rest of the world.

Another side note, is I believe in instant time travel. Aka going from one place to the other instantly. I know its possible and in my religion there are proofs that its possible.


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