Blog PostWhat a messed up world? -- What the hell?

I never imagined that my country will end up like this, I always believed and knew that we were raised well. We where the best among all of our neighbor countries. No one cares in my country, no one has respect, everyone is messed up, it is all screwed up!

To everyone is reading this, I tell you, those people are not Bahraini's they just lived here to have our Nationality, Bahrainis are known to be the best among everyone and everywhere, those people doesn't represent us.

This is a new article: News Article -- Bakistani

Summary of the Article in English: The court in Bahrain convicted a Pakistani Guy for sexually assaulting Bahraini Girl and he will be in jail for ONE month and then to be exiled from Bahrain. The story is that the girl works in a Cloths shop and the Bakistani is a Barber works in a shop next to where she works, they have exchanged phone numbers and lived a 7 months love story. However, she asked her to go to his house, where she did, and he had sex with her (As in the news, man and wife sex). However, she got upset so he apologized and promised to marry her, and it continued asking her to his house and do the same again and again. Until she knew that he is stalling and he doesn't want to marry her so she went to police and filed a complain about him sexually assaulting her.


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