Blog PostWhat is love?

What is love? It is a question that have been asked by Hussain Nasser (@hnasr). So, here is my answer. Keeping in mind that everything I write here is my own opinion, some people may agree and some don't.. So please don't flood me with comments saying that I wrote the wrong thing or I have a weirdo opinion.

Love can be applied to everything, you can love a person, or a computer or even a pet. But I will define love based on loving people.

When I chat with my friends, we joke and we say that love is a band-pass-filter. What it means is that when we love, we only see what we like. Love is like glasses with filters, that makes us not only see what we like, it may even makes us like things we didn't like.

Love is the butterfly effect when you see the person you love. Love is when you feel alone without this person around you, even though everyone else is around.

In love, beauty doesn't count. It doesn't matter if the person you love is beautiful/handsome or not, because love makes everything beautiful.

Love is when you want to spend the rest of your life with this person with no regrets! Love is happiness. Love is the most beautiful thing in this life. Love is what makes us. We can't live without love...

Sometimes people mix love with sex, this is not true! Sex has nothing to do with love. Sex is a physical thing while love is a feeling. Attraction is not love. Liking an attitude is not love.


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