Blog PostWhy did I get an iPhone and not any other android phone?

I am being asked this question a lot lately. Well, I cannot compare the iPhone to other android phones because android is an OS.. It would only be fair to compare iOS to Android... I honestly can't say which is better. I used both, I did a research... Probably it will be my secondary phone. Android is a wonderful OS. I really like it.. It has plenty of features... On the other side, iOS was the reason behind all those Operating Systems to come out and yet, I see it as the best...

Honestly, the only reason that made me buy iPhone 4 is the Apple Logo, and Apple products are the most beautiful products... I am an Apple geek, and I love the life style Apple gives me :)

Don't get me wrong, Linux and FreeBSD are still in my blood. I am still using Linux on my Desktop and FreeBSD on some of my servers.


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