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Everyone fights. No relationship is without arguments or fights, if someone claims they never argue, they are either lying or they are lying. Relationship Fights, disagreements, and arguments are inevitable.

What starts out as a disagreement can turn into shouting, insults, name calling and cruel remarks, which ends in being upset and days end on not speaking to each other. And before we know it, they have given up.

Relationships are not a smooth ride, its a very bumpy ride. The difference between those who are happy and those who are unhappy or let me say miserable and end up splitting is the way they handle fights and disagreements.

Usually in arguments or fights people tend to forget six important things that keep a relationship going and happy.

  1. Forget who they are talking to. Always remember who you are talking to. Fights bring out the nastiest feelings. Anger, frustration and hatred. Once we forget who we are talking to, we shout and insult and start calling names and make cruel remarks. It helps to tell the other person who they are to you. And always remember, there is no revenge. If you get upset, it doesn't mean the other person must get upset too.

  2. Forget to listen. Very often, people trying to get their point across forget to listen. Try to listen, give the other person the courtesy to talk and express their feelings, and try understand. Its very difficult, but it has to be done.

  3. Forget to forget. Sometimes fights or arguments reminds us of previous fights, brings back old anger and it takes over the argument. Remember not to bring back old bad memories. Couple of years back I wrote a post about Our Memories and how they impact our life.

  4. Forget that not every argument is solvable. You have to know that not every argument is solvable. Compromises has to be done. There is nothing wrong in accepting something you feel OK with. But make sure compromises are not abused.

  5. Forget to apologize. If you owe an apology, apologize. Its very difficult but not impossible. We often forget that apologizing for our mistakes is often what the other person needs to hear and ends the whole argument.

  6. Forget to laugh. Its very important if you think you have control over the situation to make a joke and make the other person laugh. Laughter got some happiness with it. Happiness makes everything seem fine.


Often arguments starts because we are upset. Its very important to understand why do we get upset. In a previous post I compiled four reasons why do we get upset.


I hope everyone gets a happy life.


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